1. Best Burning Man Camp: CERTIFIED! 9 years and running.

2. EDC (Las Vegas, NV). 2 years and running.

3. X-Fest (Modesto, CA). 2 years and running.

4. Glow Festival (Santa Cruz, CA) 2 years and running.

5. Burning Man Decompression/Precompression Events (San Francisco,

Los Angeles, San Diego, year round. 5 years and running

6. Stage at LoveEvolution (San Francisco, CA) 3 years and running

7. High Sierra (Quincy, CA)

8. Bass Camp (Lake Tahoe, NV)

9. Wonderland (San Bernadino, CA)

10. Las Vegas Halloween Parade Main Stage. 4 years and running.

11. Halloween Santa Monica Blvd (West Hollywood, CA)

12. First Friday (Las Vegas, CA) 3 years and running

13. WWD Magic Expo (Las Vegas, NV)

14. Fire Arts Festival (San Francisco, CA)

15. Superhero Street Fair (San Francisco CA)

16. How Weird (San Francisco,CA)

17. Thrive Festival (Santa Cruz, CA)

18. Earthdance Festival (Santa Rosa, CA)

19. Treasure Island Music Fest. (San Francisco,CA)

20. Run To Rave (Sacramento, CA)

21. Fremont Street Experience (Las Vegas, CA)

22. Influential House at the Mike Tyson Mansion (Las Vegas, CA)

23. Lou Ruvo Brain Center (Las Vegas, CA)

24. Trancendence Festival (Sacramento, CA)

25. Life Is Beautiful Festival (Las Vegas, NV)

26. Kobalt 400 NASCAR (Las Vegas Motor Speedway, NV)


1. Drea’s (Las Vegas, CA)

2. Light (Las Vegas, CA)

3. (delivered an assortment of Zappos corporate parties and other projects affiliated with CEO Tony Hse)

4. The Catalyst (Santa Cruz, CA)

5. Cocoanut Groove (Santa Cruz, CA)

6. DNA Lounge (San Francisco, CA)

7. Ruby Skye (San Francisco, CA)

8. Publik Works (San Francisco, CA)

9. Mighty (San Francisco, CA)

10. Temple (San Francisco, CA)

11. The Bently Reserve (San Francisco, CA)

12. Dragon Bar (San Francisco, CA)

13. Vanguard (Hollywood, CA)

14. Avalon (Hollywood, CA)

15. BETA (Denver, CO)

16. Vex Underground (Denver, CO)

17. Crown (Las Vegas, NV)

18. Bed Supper Club (Bangkok, Thailand)

19. Neptune Beach Club (New York City, NY)

20. Asylum Afterhours (Honolulu, HI)

21. Artisan (Las Vegas, NV)

22. Insert Coins (Las Vegas, NV)

23. Beauty Bar (Las Vegas. NV)

24. Hard Hat Lounge (Las Vegas, NV)

25. Eleven (West Hollywood, CA)

26. Hard Hat Lounge (Las Vegas, NV)

27. The Phoenix (Las Vegas, NV)

28. Brooklyn Bowl (Las Vegas, NV)

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