Electrosexual 055 – Nov 2014

Electrosexual 055 – Nov 2014

Good day and happy monday!! Dont be blue cause ElectroSexual is here to save you and get you on your feet pumped up ready for a brand new week of exciting new life challenges and opportunities! =)

1st hour brought to you by Philthy Phil LIVE mix from Halloween Las Vegas

Electro House

Captain Philthy Phil is the founder and owner of Dancetronauts bassed out of Santa Cruz. They are a leading entertainment production company in the area and are killing the scene with the best events and biggest DJs in the world. You can catch him blowing up the playa at Burning Man or DT Las Vegas or even at EDC with his legendary team of DJs & DanctroHotties on the Bass Station.

2nd hour by yours truly MissDVS Live from Halloween Regina!

2nd hour tracklist:

1. RIOT – Disco Bloodbath

2. Skope – Can’t Stand No More (OriginalMix)

3. Brain Blast Creators feat. BBK – HoldTight (Access Denied Remix)

4. Deadmau5 – The Reward Is Cheese (TujamoRemix)

5. Trumpdisco – Outworld

6. Dyro – Against All Odds (Instrumental)

7. Deadmau5 – The Reward Is Cheese (Nom DeStrip Remix)

8. Dirtyloud feat. Messinian-Vampires ComeOut (Original Mix)

9. Zomboy – Delirium (Feat. Rykka)

10. Dada Life – Freaks Have More Fun(Original Mix)

11. Fletcher – Bounce Baby (Original Mix)

12. Maroon 5 – Mapps (Will Sparks Remix)

13. Figure – Beast Mode ft Del The FunkyHomosapien (VIP)

14. Marcioz – Unlucky Murdafucker (OrginalMix)

15. Dodge & Fuski vs Barely Alive -Poison

16. House of Pain – Jump Around (illskillzleg work out)

17. GunFight – Brace for Impact

18. Charli XCX-Break The Rules (TiestoRemix)

19. Eurythmics – Sweet Dreams (Team RushHour Remix)

20. Hot Shit! & DjKery – Growl Machine(Original Mix)

21. Resistance – Resistance Theme (OriginalMix)

22. Jhon Williams – Imperial March (THEMOOGS bootleg)

23. Dec3mber – Midranger

24. Tut Tut Child – Hot Pursuit

25. Donkong – JAWZ (Halloween VIP)

26. Muzzy – Insignia (Original Mix)

27. Labrinth – Let It Be (TORN Remix)

28. Calvin Harris – Summer (Alpine UniverseRemix)

29. Wolfgang Gartner -Unholy feat. BobbySaint (Extended Mix)
30. MissDVS – My Feeling (Original Mix

Thank you so much for tuning in! and until next time
4 the LOVE of MUSIC!!
Keep it DVS